Please ensure you have read and understood the following terms and conditions before committing to swimming lessons. Please note, Aqua Swim School teaches children from 3.5 years to adult swimmers.

Your Booking
In order to book onto our course of swimming lessons, we require your child’s full name, date of birth, current swimming ability, medical conditions and your contact number. Payment is required in full, 48 hours after your booking has been made. By making a booking and attending our swimming lessons, you are agreeing to these terms & conditions. We reserve the right to amend our terms & conditions at any time.
If payment hasn’t been received by the deadline date (usually 48 hours after booking) we will assume the booking is no longer required.

Lessons are paid for on a term by term basis, referred to as a ‘course’ in these these terms & conditions. We do not offer monthly payments or payment per lesson. All course fees are to be paid in advance in full; payment secures your child’s place onto the course.

If you have two or more children booked onto a course, payment can be made in two installments. 50% at the time of booking to secure the places and the final 50% by the Saturday, prior to half term.

Please note, all course fees are non-refundable.
Aqua Swim School and their teachers are contracted with Watford Girls Grammar School for the term in advance, therefore no refunds can be given for missed lessons, regardless of the circumstance.

New joiners can pay for their lessons via bank transfer:

Bank Account Name: Aqua Swim School
Account Number: 00119091
Sort Code: 20 91 79

Current swimmers can re-register for the following term’s course by using the above payment methods or by bringing cash to the poolside. We do not accept payment via debit / credit card.

Missed Lessons
Lessons missed for any reason cannot be refunded, made up or transferred to other swimmers, including siblings.

Lesson Amendments
Changing the time and/or day of your child’s swimming lessons once the course has started will incur an admin fee of £5.00 per amendment.

Rebooking & Cancelling a Course
In order to rebook your child on to the next term’s course, we will require a completed booking form (which will be emailed out or will be available at poolside) and full payment (see point above regarding sibling bookings) prior to the booking deadline date. After this date, if payment hasn’t been received we will assume your space is no longer required and will offer it to another swimmer.

If you wish to cancel your child’s swimming lessons part way through a course, please confirm the cancellation via email to: No refunds can be provided.

Cancelled lessons
In the unfortuante event that Aqua Swim School or Watford Girls Grammar School must cancel a lesson, we will notify you via text message. We will endeavour to add an alternative date to the course. If you are unable to make the alternative date, the lessons will not be refunded, credited or transferred.

If Aqua Swim School are unable to provide an alternative date, a credit in lieu of payment will be issued for next terms course or a refund will be provided. Refunds cannot be offered if the cancelled lesson was due to circumstances out of our control Force Majeure such as adverse weather conditions, power interruption, ‘acts of God’, which are deemed to be contractually outside of our control.

Entry into the pool
The entrance to the pool is off Vicarage Road, sign posted for FullerLife. The gate to the car park opens at 3.40pm Monday – Friday. Saturdays the gate opens at 8.10am.
Please only enter the pools facilities, including the changing rooms, 10 minutes prior to the commencement of your child’s lesson.

The Lessons
Our teachers instruct small groups of swimmers during the 30 minute lesson. Teachers in our first class will work in the water; teaching by supporting the body and aiding correct stroke technique through demonstration and manipulation.

We welcome feedback, however please do refrain from speaking with the teachers as this can interrupt the lessons. Rob or Lis will be available on poolside or contactable on: 07847 895 065 or at: for any queries.

Please ensure you are on time for your lessons. If a swimmer is late for their lesson they are still welcome to join in the class.

Fun Swims
The last lesson of each course is a fun swim. This lesson builds the swimmers water confidence and encourages different water skills, outside of the usual lesson environment.

All swimmers are required to wear a swimming hat. We sell these at poolside for £4.00. Any swimmers who are not completely toilet trained are to wear swim pants.
All swimmers should refrain from wearing jewellery whenever possible.
Goggles are permitted, but not compulsory and purchasable for £9.00 a pair.

Your Responsibilities
No abuse will be tolerated towards teachers, pupils or other parents/guardians.

You are responsible for your children at all times before and after the lessons, the Aqua Swim School will take no responsibility. Please do not let your children play around the car park or school. This includes children that are friends or family that are not swimming.

Aqua Swim School take no responsibility for loss or damage to property. Please take all valuables onto the poolside, do not leave them in the changing room cubicles.

Lost property will be left on the shelf in the changing rooms for your collection.

The Premises
The use of cameras, camcorders or mobile phones on poolside, directly outside of the pool building or in the changing area is strictly prohibited.
Outdoor footwear is not permitted on poolside; we sell over shoes for 20p.
Food or drink is not permitted on poolside. Pushchairs are not permitted on poolside.
Spectators are welcome to watch lessons on the poolside. Please ensure any young children who are not attending lessons do not walk around the poolside unaccompanied.

Certificates & Badges
At the end of each term, each swimmer will be assessed in order to progress onto the next stage, grade, skill or distance. This progression does not mean they will progress into the next class. Swimmers who complete an assessment; badges and certificates can be purchased at the poolside for £4.00.

All swimmers are covered by our Public Liability Insurance. Aqua Swim School do not accept any liability for sickness, personal injury or death of any swimmers unless directly caused by the proven negligence of the company or its staff.